Starleaf installation - Trust Laptop

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  1.  Starleaf guide - Trust computers.pdf      Application Installation information
  2.  Starleaf application setup guide.pdf      ​ Application quick-start guide

Once the application is installed you can

  • Schedule meetings
  • See upcoming meetings
  • Instantly call another member of staff
  • Instant message other members of staff

​See all application features

Attendees can also join a Starleaf meeting using:

  • Telephone
  • Web browser - Chrome (Ver 85 or higher) or Firefox


​​​Join from a web browser / as a guest

The above instructions provide easy connection method for anyone who...

  • Does not have the Starleaf Application
  • Is not currently signed up to StarLeaf
  • May be an external organisation


AV Services  /  Videoconferencing  /  Starleaf  / Starleaf installation - Trust Laptop