All the world's a stage...

The talents and skills of actors and role players that appear in our films are often overlooked, and the better they are at playing their role the more likely it is that we don't notice what they do.

That's because a measure of how well they're doing their job is that the viewer can't tell that they're not real patients, visitors or staff. 
We have been lucky to work with some superb actors and role players for filming projects, all supplied by Sympatico, which is managed and run by Steve Attmore. Sympatico have worked with Media Studio in a broad range of staff training, patient education, medical teaching and research projects. They are particularly expert in playing the parts of patients and exhibiting all the appropriate symptoms, or reacting in the way you might expect a person who is unwell to behave. For example, in our recent filming of vignettes for the Institute of Public Health, actors played the parts of doctors and their GPs. In our enhanced recovery films for CUH and Papworth Hospital and our patient information films for Cancer Research UK, role players acted out typical sequences in a patient journey. Most recently, we filmed a child actor who had been coached in simulating different types of faints and seizures for an e-learning package designed by Dr Alistair Parker for E-Learning for Healthcare
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