Dogtor Barker making hospital visits fun

Today saw the launch of a new Fun Pack for children who are accompanying adults or siblings to outpatient appointments at CUH. The project came from an idea by Fern Clark, Voice Services Project Administrator.

Fern had noticed, when working in reception, that children often had rather a boring time while they waited with patients, so she applied to ACT for funding and approached Media Studio to design and print a fun pack booklet and carrier bag. ACT then got Cambridge Evening News involved and, with their help, were able to fund the whole project.

Each pack contains a fun pack booklet, a sticker, some crayons and a hat, as well as a feedback form. Media Studio's designers Louise Stubbings and Sharon Ballinger designed the packs and filled the booklet with games, puzzles and activities. A thousand packs have been printed and made up for staff to give out at the main hospital reception desks.

Louise (left) and Sharon at this morning's launch, featuring 'Dogtor Barker'
The Estates team with Fern, Louise, Sharon and the CUH Chair, Jane Ramsey
Fern, sporting the fun pack hat and a 'Dogtor Barker' t-shirt' with designers Louise and Sharon.
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