Hire 'Twist' Banner stands for your next display

The Twist range has the ability and versatility to fulfill any number of exhibition and display requirements being both easily portable and highly upgradeable.

Twist Banners can be easily linked together to create a seamless and almost endless wall of graphics, or of course they can just be used as a single stand-alone, but impressively different banner stand.

With 4 different graphic widths: 700; 800; 900 and 1000mm, Twist graphics incorporate a patented tensioning system which helps to keep the graphics taut and straight, the system is also self-levelling which eliminates problems with uneven floors. All Twist banner stands are able to have graphics on both the front and back.

The Twist range includes many accessories, The low-voltage LED lights really add to the overall look and will show your graphics off superbly. The light fitting has been made so that either one or two lights can be used depending whether your stand is being used single or double-sided. A media conversion kit will enable an ordinary Original Twist banner to be converted into a Twist Media banner stand which provides the ability to attach a monitor to a pole. With multi-media being ever more accessible and with a range of new lightweight LED monitors being available it makes it very easy to run presentations directly on your banner stand!

With the addition of either a Twist Flexi-Link or Easi-Link kit linking two or more Twist banners together allows you to create a seamless wall of graphics, ideal for the back of shell schemes, conferences etc. Adding Flexi-Link panels to your stands allows you to create virtually any shape required. An unlimited number of Original Twist Banners can be linked thus creating a seamless graphic appearance.

If you would like to discuss your display requirement, please call Cambridge 216418 (extension 2418 within the Trust) and ask for Graham.

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