Histopathology photography


The Histopathology Department at CUH handles thousands of tissue specimens every month, providing a vital diagnostic service for clinical and surgical services across the Trust.

High-quality photography is an important aspect of record keeping in pathology and one of Media Studio's clinical photographers carries a bleep all day to respond quickly to requests for photography.
Specimens are photographed with a linear scale before being cut up and sectioned for microscopic examination, so that the position of the sampled pathology can be marked up and recorded. These photographs are uploaded to the Trust-wide clinical image library which, apart from its direct value to clinical diagnosis and treatment, provides an excellent teaching resource.


New equipment

Having taken many thousands of photographs in the past few years the aging camera equipment needed to be replaced. In the past week  our photographers have commissioned a new camera and lighting specifically for Histopathology specimens. The equipment, purchased by the Histopathology Department, will ensure that our photographers can work at high speed without compromising quality or accuracy.
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