Patient information DVDs helping thousands

For the past three years Media Studio has been working with Papworth Hospital to make films for patients so it is encouraging to see that the number of people benefiting from these projects is now in the thousands.


Our aim is always to present patient information films using words and pictures that are easy to understand, encouraging and supportive. They don't usually stand alone, so it's important to ensure that they complement other sources of information, such as leaflets, websites and face-to-face consultations. Often, as well as giving practical advice or demonstrating procedures, the role of video is to encourage patients and their relatives and carers, so we try to include the valuable experiences of other patients who are further on in their journey through treatment, care and self-help.

DVDs are still a popular way of packaging information in a structured way, although many patient information films are also made available on websites, perhaps broken down into shorter, digestible sections. Recent DVD projects with Papworth Hospital include:

Thoracic Surgery: information for patients with benign disease – 1000 copies.

Thoracic Surgery: information for patients with malignant disease – 1000 copies.

Cardiac Surgery: information for patients –  3000 copies.

Mesothelioma: the journey (Papworth Mesothelioma Support Group) – 2000 copies.

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