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  1. What information is on the VC Confirmation from AV Services
  2. I can't see my camera image


2. I can't see my camera image

On the Starleaf Application:

  1. Disconnect from any call
  2. Go to   Account  >  Audio & video settings 
  3. Providing the Camera device selected in the drop down list is the expected device then this this should show your live feed in the box below it. If not then continue with the following.
  4. If the camera image is black then check other open applications which might be using the camera -  Cisco WebEx or browser based meetings or Skype, etc. Close them if found.
  5. Check your PC security software, if you have access to the firewall settings, ensure that Starleaf has been enabled access  (and to your camera - if this is an option) )

This should resolve any known issues. If not please contact us.