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Benefits of using the Starleaf solution at CUH:

  • Video, talk or chat with any registered member of staff or staff groups 

  • Group and 1 to 1 messaging 

  • In meeting chat 

  • Address book of registered users - easy quickly connect or message - making a call

  • Meet with 100 participants
  • Unlimited duration for group meetings
  • Telephone dial-in lines on all meetings
  • Advanced presentation meetings with StarLeaf Spotlight meeting - control of audience and presenters
  • Other hospitals' video conference rooms can connect (H.323 connection) - applies to all meetings
  • Compatible with various operating systems: Windows, IOS, Android.

  • Use any device, desktop, laptop, mobile device tablet. 

  • All communications encrypted: video, voice and messaging

  • ISO/IEC 27001 security certified
  • Industry leading 99.999% Service Level Agreement

  • Data jurisdiction guarantee
    ​     (All data is stored on Starleaf owned servers and managed only by Starleaf)

  • Constantly evolving platform - new features always under development

If your primary correspondance address is an address please contact Audio Visual Services  - you can use this on the CUH StarLeaf solution and get all these features

CUH Solution managed by

Audio Visual Services
Media Studio, CUH Addenbrooke's NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 01223 596128  or 01223 217561


Compare Features

We have done a comparison table to Starleaf, Zoom & Webex

 StarLeaf_Zoom_WebEx_Features.pdf - Compare The Features.


AV Services  /  Videoconferencing  /  Starleaf  / Starleaf specification