Recommended Catering

If you require catering for your meeting then there are some services on site who might be able to help, see details below.
Please remember that food and drink are not allowed in the the following rooms:

  • Alice Fisher Lecture Theatre
  • E7 Seminar room

In all other rooms food is allowed provided you leave the room clean and tidy and ensure the disposal of all waste.

Catering services providers (most have a base on site):

For catering in Clinical School rooms please contact
Use only Catermaster - (details unknown) 

ENJOY Catering Specialists
Tel: 01954 252919 (business hours 6am to 2pm)

Medirest Catering
Ext: 4394


STA's Catering Service
01223 2178011
Ext: 217801


01223 244479
Ext: 216477