Clinical School Wireless Network

Clinical School guest wireless:

The Clinical School offers a wireless network for the use by guests and visitors.
This wireless service is maintained by the Clinical School IT department who can be contacted on 01223 336261 or

Main features:

  • Easy to use, requires minimal laptop configuration.

  • Available for all operating systems.

  • Unencrypted.

  • Access to the internet and public University resources.

  • No access to Mints or private IT resources.

  • Free to use.

How to apply

Visitors and guests, please talk to your department who can request an account on your behalf.
Requests for accounts must originate from recognised departmental administrators and they should be submitted to the CSCS Helpdesk on 01223 336261.

How to connect

  • Browse the available wireless networks, connect to the service called 'ClinicalSchool'.

  • Your laptop may prompt you to open a web browser, if not, open a web browser in the normal way.

  • You should be redirected from your homepage to the Wireless Authentication page where you will be prompted for your username and password as supplied by the IT Helpdesk. Provide the details as appropriate.

  • Your web browser will try to popup a new window - this is the wireless connection status window - and you should allow this to happen.

  • This connection status window can be used to logoff from the wireless network when you are finished.