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naylerj | December 18, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Media Studio

naylerj | December 11, 2017

Patient flow is one of the greatest challenges facing every part of the NHS.

naylerj | December 11, 2017

While there is a fair amount of research and experimentation into innovative uses of additive manufacturing in medicine and s

naylerj | December 1, 2017

Cancer Research UK's Website is one of the most trusted sites you can go to for information about cancer.

naylerj | November 28, 2017

Cambridge Independent reported yesterday on the fantastic work of Dr Emma Nickerson and the OPAT Team at CUH, saving £300,000

naylerj | November 24, 2017

Media Studio's Cleft Imaging Team Leader, Abbey Hespin, and Cleft Image Technicia

naylerj | November 24, 2017

Media Studio's Ophthalmic Imaging Team Leader, Kim Baxter, has published an article in the Journal of Visual Communication in

naylerj | November 10, 2017

Seven weeks goes by very quickly when you're kept as busy as Claire Cooper was in Media Studio. 

naylerj | October 10, 2017

When the Care Quality Commission visits a hospital its team looks at every aspect of the way care is delivered, but in order