3d printing hugely popular part of CUH Open Day

Hundreds of people (we lost count after the first 15 minutes) visited Media Studio's 3d Printing Lab at Addenbrooke's Hospital during its 250th Anniversary Open Day on Sunday 20th March. Visitors of all ages were fascinated to see the the technology working and learn about its applications in medicine and surgery.

Visitors were able to see and handle replica bones derived from CT scans as well as 3d prints from other 3d images and learn how 3d printing is helping to improve accuracy in surgery and reduce operating theatre time for complex cases.

The Open day was arranged to coincide with the end of Cambridge University's hugely successful Science Week in which members of the public get to see some of the latest scientific and technological developments.

If you missed the open day and would like to arrange a visit contact us - we would be delighted to give you a demonstration.