3D visualisation and printing clinical research fund announced

While there is a fair amount of research and experimentation into innovative uses of additive manufacturing in medicine and surgery, the health economics case is much harder to make. With this in mind, a new research fund has been announced by ACT, who have published a Call for Proposals in 3D Printing and Visualisation. Proposals  should be for up to £15,000 and up to one year in duration.  Successful projects will have the support of consultancy services provided by Health Economics experts from the University of East Anglia. An introductory workshop and surgery will be held on 22nd January – see the agenda here: Workshop agenda.pdf.

Media Studio's 3D Visualisation and Printing Technician, Geoffrey Oliver, will be at hand to advise on the technologies available. 3D printing and visualisation services are available in-house and anyone considering submitting a proposal would be welcome to call in to the 3D lab to discuss possibilities.

The Call for Proposals is now open – click here for details