Claire's fabulous medical artwork

Seven weeks goes by very quickly when you're kept as busy as Claire Cooper was in Media Studio. 

Claire was in Media Studio for a short Internship following her Masters in Medical Illustration at the University of Dundee. In that time Claire not only pitched in with much of the department's routine work, but produced some very nice surgical illustrations. Here are a couple of the projects Claire worked on:

Kidney tumours – for renal surgeon, Mr Grant Stewart

Claire created these replica kidney models together with 3D Printing Technician, Geoff Oliver, to show a large tumour. The model was first created from a CT scan and then coloured and rendered to make a full-colour model of the kidney, tumour and associated blood vessels. The models can be seen in three different forms: 1. A series of illustrations was created to show patients the stages of progression in these tumours and to explain the surgical procedure of tumour excision. 2. Geoff made a 3D-printed model of a large tumour. 3. Claire created annotated 3D models, which can be seen here. Rotate them in any direction, or zoom in to see further detail.

3D-printed model of renal tumour

Excision of kidney tumour

Renal tumour spreading into the vena cava, and showing the internal vasculature

Neurosurgery – Illustrations for Mr Adel Helmy

Claire created a series of annotated illustrations for a forthcoming book chapter on neurosurgery.

Jugular bulb illustration

Inferior aspect of brain