CUH Chairman visits Media Studio

It was a great pleasure, and an honour, to be visited yesterday by Cambridge University Hospitals' Interim Chairman, Dr Mike More. Mike only recently took on the interim chairmanship from 1st November, having been on the Board of Directors for three years. He briefly toured the studio with Head of Media Studio, Jerry Nayler, meeting members of the team and hearing about the varied work we do.

After a brisk visit to 'Sprinters' printing services, AV & videoconferencing, room bookings, graphic design, photography and video sections, Mike was particularly interested to see the 3d printing studio, where Geoff Oliver demonstrated 3d printing from scans of accurate anatomical models. Although by this stage time had run out, Mike vowed to return to see the 3d printing machines in action.

Photo of lab with 3d printer
The 3d print studio