Helping to improve cardiac surgery outcomes at Papworth Hospital

Patients coming into hospital for cardiac surgery tend to have better outcomes if they take an active part in preparing themselves before their operation.

Knowing what is likely to happen during their hospital stay as well as fully understanding the benefits of giving up smoking, eating a healthy diet and taking appropriate exercise can help every patient to improve their chance of a full and speedy recovery.
Working closely with clinical experts at Papworth Hospital, Media Studio has made a five-chapter DVD to be given to patients at their first pre-operative appointment. It will also be shown in the hospital waiting room. The DVD takes patients through their journey, describing tests and scans and giving advice for every stage of their treatment and care. The expert contributors include surgeon, anaesthetist, dietitian, pharmacist, specialist nurses, physiotherapist and occupational therapist. Many thanks to all of them and especially to Rachel Allen and Lana Shirley, who were a delight to work with. We are also extremely grateful to the patients who gave us their time to share their experiences in the film.