IMI Awards success for Media Studio

Media Studio's medical photographers are celebrating their huge success at this year's IMI Awards, following the Annual Awards Dinner in Glasgow on Saturday 17th September. These included Gold Awards for Peter Murray and Emily Wells, the Student Award for new graduate Vanessa Shepherd and the Keith Duguid Award for the best article by a new author in the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, which was awarded to Kim Baxter, in addition to her three Silver Awards. The full list is:

Mark Bartley

Corneal granules BRONZE

Iris clip intraocular lens BRONZE


Poland's Syndrome SILVER


Kim Baxter

Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine Keith Duguid Award for best new author

Central retinal vein occlusion BRONZE


Central retinal vein occlusion with peripheral ischaemia SILVER

Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy SILVER

Subluxated Intraocular lens SILVER

Peter Murray

Intraocular lens with spoke-like deposits GOLD

Vanessa Shepherd

Scar revision BRONZE and Peter Kilshaw Award for best student entry (the Peter Kilshaw Quaich)


Vanessa with the carved wooden bowl that she gets to keep for a year


Abbey Staplehurst

Laeral hemisphere, neonatal water-submerged brain BRONZE



Jaclyn Swindell

Asteroid hyalosis BRONZE


Emily Wells

Pedunculated ear BRONZE

Polycystic kidney GOLD


Grace Winn

Joint hypermobility BRONZE

Low grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm BRONZE

Peudoxanthoma elasticum BRONZE

Thyroid eye disease BRONZE


Melanie Yeneralski

Myanmar CCU patient SILVER

Myanmar nurses BRONZE

Myanmar nurses BRONZE

Trauma and tissue loss (thigh) BRONZE