Major recruitment campaign for Papworth Hospital

World-renowned specialist heart-and-lung hospital, Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has launched a major new recruitment campaign. The initiative is needed to ensure that the hospital has the expert and caring people it needs to staff its brand new hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The hospital will move from Papworth village to the campus in 2018, and the move coincides with the hospital's one hundredth anniversary.

Postcards will be distributed in areas within commuting distance of Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Media Studio developed a new corporate style for Papworth Hospital to reflect the values of the Trust in a contemporary style. The recruitment campaign is the first time the new branding will be seen and is a top priority to attract the high-quality, expert people needed to staff the state-of-the art new building and to run its highly specialised facilities. It also aims to reinforce the well-established ethos of the existing hospital as a caring, excellent and innovative organisation. Media Studio spent a couple of days at Papworth Hospital to capture images of real people working at the hospital to build a library of over 180 photographs for the campaign. Some of these have already been used to design postcards, pop-up banners, job advertisements and a brand new recruitment website, which is expected to go live in the coming week.

Postcards were designed to invite potential applicants to recruitment events on the Campus.

The website was designed to incorporate photographs of employees and the new Papworth Hospital building

Pop-up banners will be used at recruitment events, featuring pictures of staff and the new hospital building.