Medical 3D printing supported by ACT


Thanks to the support of ACT, which is CUH’s Charitable Trust, Media Studio will soon be producing 3D objects using the latest 3D printing technology. The plan is to install a machine in a room adjacent to Media studio on Level 1 of Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

3D prints of facial bones have been used in Maxillofacial surgery to shape metal implants for reconstructive surgery. This can save substantial operating theatre time and ensure a perfect fit is achieved between bones as they heal. There are many other applications of 3D printing in medicine, such as printing accurate models of the brain from MRI brain scans.
The printer creates a plaster model from a 3D digital file and the surface is then coated in a hard acrylic layer so that it can be handled easily without damage. We’re looking forward to hearing from anyone who has a need for 3D printing in their medical, surgical or research work.