Orientation for new Emergency Department doctors

The Emergency Department at CUH is a major trauma centre and junior doctors coming to work there on rotation have to be able to learn very quickly how the department is organised and run, as well as the roles of everyone working there.

Patients must be seen and either admitted or discharged within four hours, so induction for new doctors is critical – they have a lot to learn in a short space of time. 
Having been through the process themselves, Junior doctors George Collins and Parth Shah thought it would be extremely valuable to have a video for new doctors to watch, which took them through the induction. They applied for Innovation in Medicine funding, wrote their own script and worked with Media Studio and Consultant Dr Andrew Fry to produce a six-minute video. The video guide is now used as part of a package of materials designed to help orientate doctors who are new to the ED.
Dr Collins was kind enough to comment:
"Jaclyn (Swindell) was so enthusiastic, patient and willing to help during the pre-production period and also during filming. I am new to this type of project and she was expert, supportive and highly professional in her approach. In particular, she came in early to film on three occasions to fit around our timetable and has responded to all of our queries swiftly and thoroughly. She was keen to help with any imperfections we noticed and genuinely wanted to make the film the best it can be.
Andrew (Stone) was also brilliant. I worked with him whilst we were editing the film. He was patient with me and open to our vision of what the video should look like, whilst also making sure the video was proper and professional from his and the Media Studio's perspective."