Paediatric and Neonatal Bronchoscopy

One of our latest instructional films demonstrates the correct and safe assembly of bronchoscopes for examining the airways of children.This is a procedure undertaken regularly by operating department practitioners, and which requires expert skills and knowledge.

Watch the film here

The danger of small children aspirating foreign objects is something all parents should be aware of. When a peanut, a pen top or a grape goes down the wrong way and gets stuck in the bronchi, it has to be removed with a bronchoscope, which is a fixed telescope used for examining the airway and carrying out procedures on the airway.

The equipment comes in sets with different tube sizes and various accessories and connections. With safety as the paramount consideration, brochoscopes need to be set up and used with extreme precision. This training film takes the viewer through every aspect of preparation of the equipment for bronchoscopy, with detailed images of the intricate parts.

Media Studio worked with Operating Department Practitioner, Patrick Sheppard, to make the film, which is now used in team training at CUH.