Papworth Mesothelioma Group

Mesothelioma is a rare, incurable cancer linked to exposure to asbestos. Around 2000 people in the UK are diagnosed with the disease every year and are faced with many different challenges: understanding the disease, learning what treatments are available, sharing the news with family and friends, coping with progressive physical decline, seeking practical and financial support and dealing with the emotional and psychological stresses of living with the disease.


The Papworth Mesothelioma Support Group was set up to provide advice and support to patients and their families in the East of England. It connects people together through both face-to-face meetings and an online forum. The group approached Media Studio to make a DVD to support their work by giving valuable information and letting Mesothelioma suffers know about the activities of the local support group, as well as the national support group, Mesothelioma UK. Specialist nurses Gerry Slade and Katie Peduto worked with us to plan and produce the seven-chapter DVD, which will be given to patients when they are first diagnosed with Mesothelioma.