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Book a meeting using the Starleaf application : 

  • Open the Starleaf application
  • click on the MEETINGS tab on the left
  • click on the SCHEDULE button at the top
  • Your web browser will then open to your Starleaf portal page where it will give you the following fields:
    1. Title
    2. Start Date / Time
    3. Finish Date / Time
    4. Invitees - you can invite people to the meeting from here
      • Registered CUH staff are listed automatically when you type a name.
      • Anyone can be invited by entering their email address
      • Using this enables the invitee to see the meeting in their MEETINGS list and join using the JOIN button if they have the Starleaf App
    5. Repeat options - use this if you want your meeting to repeat weekly monthly, variations are available
    6. Advanced options - these are set by default but can be changed
      • Keep people on hold until:
        • Second person joins (default)
        • The meeting organiser joins
      • Layout: these automatically adjust depending on number of people in the call
        • 5 max
        • 25 max (default)
        • 10 max Speaker only

When finished Click OK

This will return you to your list of your meetings

  • You will then be sent details of this meeting by email


  • To edit the meeting click on the Pen symbol beside the meeting in the list on the portal web page.

If you update the meeting you and any attendees will get the update.


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AV Services  /  Videoconferencing  /  Starleaf Booking Meetings