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  1. Making a call

  2. How can I schedule meetings?

  3. Can I call/text many people at the same time?   (Group call / Group messaging)

  4. Webcams - recommendations

  5. Spotlight meetings - ideal for presenting / training

  6. Can I use my email account with StarLeaf

  7. Can I use Starleaf without a webcam or loudspeakers?

  8. How do I adjust my sound or camera

  9. I can't see my camera image

  10. Poor sound or 'fish bowl' effect

  11. Starleaf Specifications

  12. Can I schedule meetings using Outlook?

  13. How to get best quality call

  14. Push to talk - keyboard shortcut

  15. Working from home

  16. What information is on the VC Confirmation from AV Services?


1. Making a call

Please see our video guide making a call

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2. How can I schedule meetings?


This can be done using the Starleaf application

Full information is here:

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3. Can I call/text many people at the same time?  (Group call / Group messaging)

Do you have a team that regularly meet or want keep in touch?
Starleaf has a Group feature to enable you to message your team or to hold instant meetings with them at the click of a button.
More information can be found by following the links below.

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4. Webcams

Our recommended webcams are listed on our Connect page

Note this is an Addenbrookes Intranet webpage, not accessable from outside the Trust.

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5. Spotlight Meetings

Spotlight meeting features:

  • Only people in the spotlight can be heard or seen by the audience, all other particpants are muted.

Spotlight meetings give the organiser control over the meeting:

  • The meeting starts when the when the presenter is ready by the organiser moving the presenter 'in the spotlight'  (the presenter can book their own meetings, this text just gives seperate roles)
  • They can see if audience members want to ask questions (raise hand) (only works with CUH registered staff)
  • For someone to ask their question the meeting organiser can bring them into view by clicking 'add to spotlight' for all to see and hear, and remove when they have finished their question.
  • If you want a panel of people leading the talk this can be done, as you can add as many people as you like to the spotlight
  • As with all meetings the organiser can see the attendees

See the Spotlight meeting video


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6. Can I use my email account with StarLeaf?

Yes. CUH staff can use their accounts on the StarLeaf app if that is their preferred account.
To do this we need to migrate the account to our solution.

Send the following details to 

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your Dept


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7. Can I use Starleaf without a webcam or loudspeakers?

  • Yes

When joining a meeting in the application:

  1. click on the 'Phone Audio' button at the top to see dial-in numbers for the meeting you are connecting to,
  2. use your office phone to listen and talk to other people in the meeting.
  3. if your PC has speakers on you will need to turn them down


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8. How do I adjust my sound or camera?

On the Starleaf Application:

  1. Go to   Account  >  Audio & video settings 

Here you can choose your

  • Microphone
  • Speakers
  • Camera

You can change your microphone volume (your voice to other people) by sliding the blue mic level adjustment 
Try speaking and adjusting this until the green bar behind peaks at about 60% up the bar


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9. I can't see my camera image

On the Starleaf Application:

  1. Disconnect from any call
  2. Go to   Account  >  Audio & video settings 
  3. Providing the Camera device selected in the drop down list is the expected device then this this should show your live feed in the box below it. If not then continue with the following.
  4. If the camera image is black then check other open applications which might be using the camera -  Cisco WebEx or browser based meetings or Skype, etc. Close them if found.
  5. Check your PC security software, if you have access to the firewall settings, ensure that Starleaf has been enabled access  (and to your camera - if this is an option) )

This should resolve any known issues. If not please contact us.


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10. Poor sound or 'fish bowl' effect

If you hear someone sounding like they are in a fish bowl or their voice sounds unusual or even a bit echo-like it is most likely because they are using a laptop without a headset or earphones

We recommend all laptop users use either earphones to listen to the audio or headsets for mic/speaker combination.

The technical bit:
Software/hardware in laptops is not designed to do videoconferencing the speaker/microphone combination in a laptop were not designed to be live at the same time, most laptops do not cope well in this scenario. 
The in-built software in the laptop is trying to compensate for this situation, the louder the speakers are the harder it is for the software in the laptop to resolve, so you end up sounding 'odd' to everyone else. 


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11. Starleaf specifications

Please see our Starleaf Specifications page


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12. Can I schedule meetings using Outlook?

Currently the answer is no, this is due to the version of Outlook currently in use.
Please continue to use the Starleaf application to book meetings or via the Audio Visual Services web pages.

This will be rolled out as a working package, we will update you when this is available after it has been tested.


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13. How to get best quality call

To get the best quality video calls we recommend:

Avoid the following:

  •   web browsers - call quality is not so reliable (only use Google Chrome ver. 85 or later)
    • Older web browers versions cause poor image problems
  •   low signal Wi-Fi or mobile internet
    • can cause calls to drop out or appear blocky or pixelated
  •   moving your camera/device during a call – this is distracting to others in the meeting
    • if using a mobile device, lean it against something so it doesn't move.



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14. Push-to-talk - keyboard shortcut

A useful keyboard shortcut for use with the application:

In a meeting with others and your mic is muted and you want to talk
PRESS SPACE BAR to talk, release to mute your mic again.



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15. Working from Home

Connecting to StarLeaf when working from home .
Note: You will need a webcam and either speakers or headphones connected to your computer to complete this process.

Option1 - StarLeaf Application:

  1. Ensure the application is installed on the laptop (not just an icon) - to test the installation, close remote access/BYOD then click on the StarLeaf icon
  2. Open the StarLeaf application before connecting to Citrix/remote access/BYOD (this definately applies for first use)  If you get an error then it is most likely that StarLeaf is not installed. Please check with us.
  3. Ensure you are signed in (will only need to be done once) 
  4. Join meeting using green button or enter meeting number

Option2 - Guest Join (only for short term use - while waiting for application to be installed)

  1. Open Google Chrome on your local desktop (not on remote access/BYOD)
  2. enter in the address bar:
  3. Enter meeting number
  4. The next page will give you the option to choose the WebBrowser, click on this.
    If not check the address at the top, it should be :[meetingnumber]/
  5. After choosing WebBrowser you will be asked for permission to use camera and microphone (if this hasn't been given before)
  6. The last page asks for you name, please provide your full name.
    You can also check you mic and camera settings here.


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