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Videoconferencing information for CUH staff


  • Trust approved for clinical & non clinical meetings
  • Free to use for staff meetings (Trust managed licencing)
  • Connect using any device (PC, mac, mobile, telephone, video conference room)
  •  Full HD 1080p content @ up to 30 frames per second (30fps from StarLeaf room system, 12 fps from StarLeaf app)
  • Camera 720p @ 30 frames per second
  • Telephone dial-in
  • Videoconference room dial-in - other hospitals can connect in
  • Direct dial from app - can call anyone in the world (standards based solution)
  • Address book for easy name lookup of staff
  • Instant Messaging to other staff
  • Can use NHS secure network connected (HSCN)
  • Used by all regional hospitals
  • Been in use since 2019 by regional hospitals for MDTs
  • Starleaf information & user guides







  • CUH staff can only join meeting setup by others, Teams is not available on-site.
  • See how to join a Teams Meeting - Teams Information


Compare Features

We have done a comparison table to Starleaf, Zoom & Webex

 StarLeaf_Zoom_WebEx_Features.pdf - Compare The Features.


Further Information

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AV Services  /  Videoconferencing