3D printing of fantastic human brain scans

There can be few structures in nature that are as fascinating as the human brain and modern scanning techniques make it a wonderful subject for 3D printing, in both health and disease. Here are a few examples. 

Brain tumours

Neurosurgeon Mike Hart and his research group have created some impressive 3D models derived from segmented brain scan, which Media Studio has used to print accurate, life-size, full-colour 3D prints


This brain segmentation has removed the tumour to leave a hole in the healthy brain tissue

The same brain with the tumour as a separate 3D print


3D-printed brain showing the effects of dementia



The effects of senile dementia and fronto-temporal dementia are graphically illustrated in these 3D prints from brain scans – compared to a normal brain on the left

Brain vasculature

Here, we have used a different 3D-printing technology to make a life-sized transparent brain model showing its principal blood vessels.