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Stunning images that command attention and encapsulate your key messages require insight and carefully planned execution.

The first priority of Media Studio's photographers is to listen to you, to really understand your needs, before bringing our unique blend of creative and technical skills to bear with strong, fresh ideas and serious attention to detail.

Two photographs of Wilko Johnson

Close collaboration between Media Studio’s photography and graphic design teams enables us to art direct bespoke photography and gives access to our own library of photographs for use in publications and digital channels. Our photography captures in incredibly diverse range of subject matter. Clinical work includes medical and surgical photography, pathological specimen photography, and 3d imaging for records, teaching, publication and research. Ophthalmic imaging comprises slit-lamp biomicroscopy, retinal photography, fluorescein angiography, indocyanine green photography, ocular coherence tomography and wide-field imaging. 

General photography encompasses portraits and passports, locations, people and events for publicity and promotional purposes as well as charity and funding bids. Personal injury and medicolegal photography is a specialist service for solicitors and their clients.

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