Filming & Photography in Yangon, Myanmar

At the IMI Conference in Nottingham on Saturday Mel Yeneralski will be giving a presentation about her visit to Yangon, in Myanmar, where she undertook a solo filming and photography project for the charity, Addenbrooke's Abroad. Mel describes her experiences in the talk:

Filming & Photography for the Addenbrooke’s Abroad volunteer project in Yangon, Myanmar

In May 2016 I went to film and photograph for the Addenbrooke’s Abroad volunteer ‘trauma intervention’ project in Myanmar (Burma).

Watch Mel's film here

Filming interviews with an interpreter

Myanmar’s history has been turbulent; during nearly 60 years of isolationist military rule it was impossible for healthcare professionals to keep abreast of international medical developments. However, recent rapid political reforms in the country have opened up opportunities to develop medical education and opportunities for medical professionals to reconnect with their counterparts worldwide. This, coupled with a government commitment to increase health and education spending to 5% of GDP offers an unprecedented opportunity for strengthening healthcare delivery and practices in Myanmar.

An emotional moment filming a patient in CCU speaking to his wife after the birth of his first child

The purpose of my visit was to film and photograph the current projects already in place, by filming interviews of both volunteers and Myanmar staff to show the importance for funding and the continuing need for volunteering. I worked alongside a long volunteer trauma nurse from Addenbrooke’s who introduced me to the staff and various departments at Yangon General Hospital and the University of Medicine that the volunteer projects were closely involved with. 

Nurse training at Yangon General Hospital

My visit was timed to overlap with visiting Cambridge volunteers that included clinical skills and pathology blood scientists. My schedule was very tight and working in temperatures of 48 degrees, the humidity made my timetable very challenging but at the same time it was a very rewarding experience, especially to witness the positive effects of how the kindness of volunteering can improve global health care.

Mel teaching retinal screening to staff at Yangon General Hospital

Mel's film for Addenbrooke's Abroad can be seen on the charity's website

The University of Medicine, Yangon