Films helping patients to prepare for surgery

Having major surgery of the stomach and oesophagus is a life-changing event, so the more people can understand about the operation and the changes they need to make in their lives the better they will be prepared. We know that well-informed patients can play an important part in ensuring good outcomes after surgery. As part of an enhanced recovery programme, the Upper Gastrointestinal unit at CUH has made a series of films for patients and their families to help them through each stage of their treatment, from the initial appointments through to going home and taking care of themselves after surgery.

Media Studio worked with Transformation Manager, Graham Johnston, and the multidisciplinary Upper GI team at CUH to make a series of five films on topics including 'pre-habilitation', post-operative breathing, surgery for oesophageal cancer and surgery for stomach cancer.

Watch the Upper GI films here