Media Studio photographers win big in IMI Awards

Media Studio's clinical photographers have won no less than sixteen awards in the 2019 Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) Annual Awards. The Annual Awards Exhibition will take place at the IMI Annual Conference in Belfast in October, and Media Studio's photographs will be prominent, with two Gold, five Silver and nine Bronze Awards.

The full list is:

Abbey Hespin

Gold: Medial Longitudinal Dystrophy

Silver: Lower Lid Chalazion

Vanessa Shepherd

Gold: Haemorrhage of the brain with dura mater


Bronze: Retained lens matter

Bronze: Viral warts

Grace Winn

Silver: Aquagenic wrinkling of the palm 

Silver:Transparent 3D Brain showing vessels 

Bronze: Lipoma on back

BronzeCongenital naevus

Bronze3D Brain Connectome (Glioma in red)

Mel Yeneralski

Bronze:  '50th Anniversary Liver Transplant'

Bronze: 'Women in Surgery'

Peter Murray

Silver: 'Infectious Crystalline Keratopathy Cornea'

Martha Whiffen

Bronze: Left orbital implant

BronzeCutaneous horn

Emily Wells

Silver: ‘Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum’