Mel leads the way in IMI Awards success

Mel receiving her Gold Award from IMI Chairman, Kathy McFall


Melanie Yeneralski, Media Studio's Team Leader for non-clinical photography, has been recognised in the Institute of Medical Illustrators' Annual Awards, with a Gold Award for her clinical photograph, Dermolipoma, which demonstrates just how multi-talented Mel is.

Media Studio's other successes in the IMI Awards demonstrated once again that our clinical photography team are on top of their game:

Mel Yeneralski

Myanmar story (solo filming project) Bronze

Transplant games Bronze

Vanessa Shepherd

Keloid scarring Bronze

Cranial defect Bronze

Kim Baxter

Map dot fingerprint dystrophy Bronze

Martha Whiffen

Thyroid eye disease Silver

SCC tumour Bronze

SCC scalp Bronze

SCC skin graft Bronze

Abbey Hespin

Angiosarcoma Bronze

Pretendinous cord Bronze

Jaclyn Swindell

Phacomulsification & intraocular lens implant Silver

Peter Murray

Lattice dystrophy Bronze