Peter Watson International Scholarship Prizegiving

Media Studio's photographer, Vanessa Shepherd, was in Cambridge on Saturday 29th June to photograph the Peter Watson Scholarship event.

Nine sixth form students from all over the country had been shortlisted to present their projects at Queen's College and to compete for two Peter Watson Scholarships. This medicine and science outreach event was judged by an eminent panel of experts in clinical science and biomedicine: Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the Chairman of Cancer Research UK, Rowena Gardner, Director of Corporate Communications for Medimmune, Ms Tasneem Khatib, Ophthalmologist, Mr Nick Sarkies, Chair of Cambridge Eye Trust and Ophthalmologist and Mr Patrick Yu Wai Man, Ophthalmologist.

The prizes were awarded by Daniel Zeicher, MP for Cambridge, to the two talented students, Jack Peck and Pau Sole Vilaro.