Display boards

We have 70 A0 sized display boards available for use within the hospital building.  We deliver, setup and collect the boards.

Please note there is a hire charge of £7.00*  per board
*this is a fixed fee, not a daily charge, price excludes VAT

Each board is 4ft x 3ft (1220 x 915mm) 
The smallest self standing configuration is a set of 4 boards (2 high, 2 long) arranged in a 'V' shape. 
Setup options are infinately variable examples can be seen here: 

Display Boards Example Layouts.pdf


  1. MOUNTING YOUR POSTERS - Please only use Velcro type fixings to mount display material, you need to aquire your own Velcro Dots. Do not use: Blu-Tak® (or similar), pins or staples.
  2. DAMAGE - Lost, damaged or Blu-Tak® (or similar) marked boards will need replacing at cost to your department. You are responsible for keeping the boards safe and clean until they are collected.
  3. WHERE THEY CAN BE USED - These are only available for use within the Hospital building, areas accessible via the Level 1 corridor, Clinical School (ground floor only), Frank Lee Centre (delivery restrictions apply). 
  4. Deliveries and collections can only be done Monday-Friday 0900-1500

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